8 of our favorite holiday cocktail gifts for the person who has everything

A major part of being in the hospitality industry is being able to create a global cocktail culture. And when the right bottle comes along, it can bring welcome new blood to your liquor cabinet.

By stocking up on holiday spirits, you can set the tone for their holiday parties.

Read on for eight of our favorite wintery choices, and now when you’re at the airport or dining out with the family, you’ll be feeling like the cool new aunt or uncle all over again.

Behold, the sweet spirits of a winter night out!

*All prices below include tax and shipping.

St. Germain, Chaou, $28 (or a matching bottle for $48)

This stellar offshoot of the popular Champagne is coming out in a little bottle that’s your best friend in the party starting line. Black box, red Champagne glass, and all.

Chaou, Aromatic Oloroso Sherry $27

The most underrated aperitif on the market, this emulsified Oloroso is filled with notes of black pepper and hazelnut and made from Spain’s most famed brandy, chardonnay. The port-style aperitif is not just for sipping, but for making a star-studded Spritzer cocktail or as a delicious mimosa.

Oakleigh Residuals, Old Fashioned ($15)

Soak a slice of nutmeg and a few dashes of peppermint in Oakleigh Residuals from Portugal’s Porto region, and top it off with this mix of oak, oak syrup, and coffee. Come winter, everyone’s going to be tepid at a sip, but when you’re already feeling extra cozy inside your LBD, this is the perfect pre-party libation to heat you up.

Filippino Rum ($8)

Behold the winter spirit of the revolution in the Dominican Republic. This ferment of sugar cane is the island’s greatest natural resource and is strong, fruity, spicy, and perfect for sipping in a warm bottle while lying on the beach.

12 Apostles of Drinks, Bombay Sapphire Gin ($13)

This is a thing of bliss. Housed in a walnut- and porcelain-like vessel, 12 Apostles features four delicious scents: “retired plums,” lemon verbena, nutmeg, and vanilla. Pair it with caramel popcorn or a Gingerbread Man.

ROME 1926 21 Year Old Blanc de Blancs ($29)

These snifter-sized bottles are paired with unctuous Bordeaux-style chardonnay to create a rich, aromatic blush that’s perfect for stopping by for the party.

Fondue ($12)

Fondue in winter? Doubtful, but add in some stockling spices (water chestnuts and cinnamon sticks), and you’ll have the makings of an elegant tapas dinner in a can.

Dace, Foxfire ($12)

This semi-sweet rum from Ecuador’s Misiones region and all the Cabrito syrup that goes into it makes for an enchanting sipper. The mix is great in cocktails and cocktails only (it’s the perfect way to mix up a Blue Bee Punch).

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