Be a Master of Your Makeup This Black Friday Weekend

While we are still 10 months away from Thanksgiving, it’s already Black Friday season in 2016 and beauty news does not stop after Labor Day! Along with several retailers and brands offering some amazing discounts, here are a few of our favorite beauty products that you can pick up for an even better price!

Glossier – Buy Now, Glossier Launch Party at MAC

Join Glossier at MAC’s Makeup Artist Challenge June 22 for a special launch event to get the Glossier Beauty Collection out to the masses. Makeup challenges, like this one with MAC, where a celebrity like Hailey Baldwin is designing the look of the day to be featured on multiple MACs, give us amazing deals and you can catch other big events like Coachella later this month to find even better on-trend products. Be sure to check out the Glossier beauty pieces on sale here at MAC.

Charlotte Tilbury – Get a discount of 20% on all makeup products, Soaked & Blooming

Charlotte Tilbury has been a favorite among beauty editors for years. Our editors know that not only is she gifting you with some of the best make-up looks at a great price, but they’ve given us some amazing make-up advice. The make-up designer has a ton of amazing beauty tips! Keep your eye on the website as there are upcoming tutorials and educational gifts waiting to be purchased!

Balmain – Buy Now, Luxury Makeup Palette from Bijor Noir

Who hasn’t wanted to look like The Pretty Face of the Week? Balmain is offering a Bijor Noir Luxury Makeup Palette for only $69 – 40% off! If you are looking for some luxe beauty, look no further as this gift set contains high-end shades that you can apply yourself as this eyeliner is amazing and no can-do. The bright and sparkly colors blend beautifully and will help you stand out for all the right reasons!

According to Allure, this glitzy set comes in black or nude and features eight different shades of black eyeliner. The set also features two dual-ended black pens, one for eyebrows and one for eyeliner. You can also use a black ink for eyeshadow, while the brown lasts for lips. This gift set is perfect to add to any cosmetic or beauty bag!

Bonus Point: To date, this set is the only set in Balmain’s collection that has been available through MAC and the first ever cosmetics set to be available through the brand’s famed Makeup Artist Challenge.

This week, salon mogul April Thomas will be gracing us with her beauty expertise to share her tricks of the trade and how to get great hair and skin! Click HERE to follow her on her journey through deep, slow root touch-ups to bring you her tip and trifecta of a look.

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