Brexit Asks MP If She’s Planning For Their Future

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A British lawmaker has been reprimanded for bringing her baby into a parliamentary debate.

FOX’s Jean Casarez has more on this story:

Madeline Moon, an MP for UKIP, caused an uproar after she was caught and photographed wearing a coat without a neck so that she could be seen wheeling her stroller through the House of Commons on the first day of the Christmas recess.

Conservative backbencher Helen Goodman found out as the video of her speaking about youth unemployment in the chamber while the incident played out and brought Parliament to a halt as a lawmaker with a child about a year old demanded a apology.

Well, Goodman’s colleagues have been angered to learn that other members were then filmed pulling down the newspaper-display window on the second floor where the Tory lawmaker was sitting.

British lawmakers are typically not allowed to bring a child in as they may have a disruption to the flow of work, at the same time, police are frequently called when protests break out when loud voices in parliament are too much for the public gallery.

In Washington, Jean Casarez, FOX News.

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