Business leaders gather in NYC to assess blockchain’s future

Written by Roger Sargent, CNN

Major technologists, financiers and VCs have a lot on their plates at the moment. They’re meeting in New York to meet about cryptocurrency, interacting about blockchain technology, fintech and artificial intelligence — in other words, about how to provide value to their clients.

Gizmodo’s Gregg Greenberg is live on set for CNN Tech’s Disruptive Entrepreneurs series where he catches up with a host of “Entrepreneurs of the Future” gathering in the Big Apple, including:


Cofounder Brett Oslund: “What people value about any good work is that it fits into what’s already out there.”

Ivan Mamirov: Founder of Plug and Play Tech Center New York.

Bootstrap Project

Cofounder Patrick Hughes: “People are building almost everything that they can with cryptocurrency.”

Tonic Studios

Lincoln Mitman: Co-founder and CEO of Tonic Studios.

Ivan Mamirov: Founder of Plug and Play Tech Center New York.


Cofounder Alexander Weiss: “Our vision is that Bitcoin works better, easier and faster in our society, instead of our politicians.”

Bryn Parris/Design Pics/Techno Buffalo

Co-Founder and CEO Austin Romano: “One thing that’s really happened in the last couple of months is we’ve seen a renaissance in crypto like never before. It’s a very strong market.”


Topher Gordon, Co-Founder and CEO of Exoplanet: “We’re the blue sheep of this. So much attention has been paid to what’s going on in dark financial spaces, that we decided to step out of the shadows and put it on the map.”

Sean Young: Founder of Invoking

Co-Founder and CEO of James Hunter Ventures.

Jacob Kleinfeld: Founder of Bitwealth

Erika Kessler: Co-Founder and CEO of Instastash

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