Commentary: #Yassify makes LOLs

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I know, it sounds crazy. But hear me out.

I’m talking about YassifyBot, an Instagram bot from the creators of “GIF vs. YouTube,” who like to inject their clever posts with more silly layers.

In their most recent post, the bot (which they’ve dubbed “Yassify”) compares how many likes you’d get on a selfie you took with your iPhone to the likes you’d get from “videogamers.” You could say it’s a quiz: If your selfie came out much better, you were right. (If it didn’t, well, sorry.)

Now, that’s the stupidest bit of logic ever, because obviously there are times you actually want to post a picture of you looking good, not like a cartoon. (Why else would people post — god help us — photos of their cats?)

But it did give me the idea to use it on Yassify Memes, a hashtag for the more outrageous moments on Twitter. (There’s no hard and fast rule that describes a meme, but it typically involves putting weird things in awkward situations and seeing if anyone will notice.)

It’s a great thing to do, but it gets you thinking how crazy people can be, especially in this business. The point of going to lunch with your boss is not to have a heart attack and die instantly. (You know, if you want to feel empowered, don’t ask your boss to date you in the first place.)

Not everyone wants a salad and broccoli. (Wait, can you have both? Call me.) Some want you to laugh at their head injuries and regretfully retweets their embarrassing tweets.

But this YassifyBot only reveals that fact, whereas Meme Memes teach you how to use Twitter and tell people their own personal “heroes.” You have to work that out for yourself.

It may seem too simple a topic for a long piece. I’d like to think I’m clever, but I hate giving practical advice on things like this. But I’m no dummy. I’m not going to tell you to tell everyone in your feed that it’s the last summer you are going to have, because it’s a figure of speech.

But I am going to do the next best thing and post this: “LOL! The best tweet @Yassify already posted.”

Some people will probably try and argue that those of us who are just copying and pasting memes are basically morons. (That would be a position I definitely find myself in, thanks.) But I don’t find that particularly funny. And I don’t think any more people would realize that my Meme Memes are the real deal if I said I had one.

As the YassifyBot bot and Meme Memes demonstrated (Hahahaha. I tried.) What could be further from the truth?

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