Fifty million fireworks to light up the sky at Lascaux, France, as part of UNESCO’s celebration

It’s a fire to remember — 4,000 years worth of rings and lights!

To celebrate International Fireworks and Fireworks by Light Day, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is releasing a video of the lights and fireworks at the World Heritage Site in Lascaux, France.

The site is called the “Lascaux Stone Age City of Culture” because it depicts early stone age pyramids and living styles.

The video highlights 15,000 firework displays over the centuries. For obvious reasons, it uses cell phone cameras to show 15,000 of the 45,000 pyrotechnic displays that Lascaux has presented over its history. It is the largest firework display in the world with more than 100,000 firecrackers exploding in fewer than 90 seconds to celebrate the day, UNESCO said.

The video showcases the site’s pyrotechnics in the Roman period, Civil War, World War II, and more.

Even the clouds change colors at night in collaboration with the colors and frequencies of the evening.

The fountains at Lascaux represent the festival of the spring flowers that are celebrated during the spring, UNESCO said. It also said the feathered crowns given to leaders and rulers during early mass church celebrations in late autumn are based on the fluted and vaulted motifs that adorn the caves.

“Today, through ever-expanding imagination and excitement, today we follow our finger and draw our first firecracker bead as we reflect on our past, our present and our future,” said Joao Baptista Pereira Neto, the UNESCO Representative to France.

“I think that this video is a message from UNESCO to the world, for people to remember our past and to bring in greater interest to the fire-spewing site of Lascaux in order to protect this well-known ancient site,” said Nicolas Gdegano Aguri, the UNESCO World Heritage Specialist.

The site has an estimated 25 million visitors a year.

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