Holmes: ‘In Our Report on This Story, You Identified John Thompson as the Guy Who Was at the Heart of This Development’

In an exclusive interview with Greta Van Susteren on FBN tonight, the newly unemployed Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes defended her company’s claim that it can conduct “millions of tests in a fraction of the time” and cited people and organizations that enabled its success, saying she was a “believer” and that “regardless of what people say” this feat happened.

MUST-SEE: Elizabeth Holmes On FBN – “regardless of what people say, it really happened”


Van Susteren asked: “What did you think were the top three drivers, or three catalysts? I mean they claim that all sorts of top people at these organizations, at these government agencies, were all collaborating and even talking about how to implement these systems and build them into their systems?”

Holmes responded: “It’s very hard to break the silos, if you will. It’s very hard to change the culture. It’s very hard for people to just all come together and sit down and say okay let’s tear down this wall and allow the scientists, the physicians, the nurses, and the people in the field, to start to treat these diseases in a much more global way.”

She continued: “So I am a believer.”

Holmes went on to say her company created a system that was “beneficial to thousands of people,” but her company is “not that yet,” and then put the blame elsewhere: “We’re at the beginning of the game. People are on the verge of catching up. There’s not — there’s not even a beginning yet. So we’re at the beginning of the game and I think it’ll be, we’ll just — it’ll be a great ride but it’s just not there yet.”

WATCH: “In our report on this story, you identified John Thompson as the guy who was at the heart of this development. In fact, he stepped down from Theranos in June of 2015.” — Greta Van Susteren (@GretaVanSusteren) November 11, 2017

Van Susteren also told Holmes that “an awful lot of people have come forward to you from the medical community” saying “you’re not telling the truth. You were a liar.”

Holmes responded that “sometimes it’s better not to tell stories about the things you do. There are some things you just don’t talk about in the beginning. But it’s so hard to say no. We were after something and we believe in it, and we just — we did it.”

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