Kevin Spacey must pay $9.75 million to ‘House of Cards’ production company

Actor Kevin Spacey must pay $9.75 million to TV production company Media Rights Capital to settle a lawsuit that accused the actor of violating a non-disclosure agreement, according to court documents obtained by The Los Angeles Times.

MRC, the production company, sued Spacey in March 2016, accusing the actor of violating a nondisclosure agreement that came with the production of the final season of “House of Cards.”

The court documents say that Spacey served as both the lead actor and as the executive producer of “House of Cards,” which was produced by MRC.

In January 2016, MRC signed a settlement agreement with Spacey to cover expenses for the final season of the Netflix series, but the lawsuit states that the actor broke the agreement by publicly speaking about his allegations of sexual misconduct against Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, resulting in MRC turning down a $1 million bonus due to be paid to Spacey.

During the lawsuit, MRC accused Spacey of violating the agreement by telling numerous individuals about the Rapp allegations, and responding to them. During the five-episode final season of “House of Cards,” both Spacey and his character were killed off-screen. The final episode of the show aired on May 30, 2016.

Spacey denied the allegations of sexual misconduct that were made against him, and, in a statement, said he was devastated by Rapp’s allegation.

In a statement provided to Variety last month, MRC said: “After an extensive investigation by MRC, we have determined that Spacey violated the terms of his settlement agreement by non-disclosure. MRC will fully fund the payment of Mr. Spacey’s obligation to MRC.”

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