Life at the hands of Gene Kelly and Katharine Hepburn

Written by By Christie Pacheco, CNN

Gene Kelly was a celebrated actor whose most famous role was in the classic 1952 musical “Singin’ in the Rain.”

He was married three times and had nine children with his second wife, actress Diana DeGarmo.

But one of the couple’s daughters remembers her father as a man who was always keen to share his love of life with the ones closest to him, but who also wasn’t easily emotional.

That was especially true for Kerry Kelly, the actress and the actress-musician: “My dad was famously determined to leave behind the place that had perhaps become too chaotic and chaotic for his own tastes … where he had allowed himself to become a caricature of himself. I think this left him at times pretty bruised, and wanting to shut down emotionally.

“He was so all-embracing and kind, but I often felt he was cold and distant. But sometimes the feeling was not of isolation, but more that I wasn’t very good with him, that I wasn’t up to the emotion.

“[My sister] Kristine… developed a soft spot for my dad, a little sappiness, so that, for her, he was always kind.”

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