Meet the ‘whistle-blower whisperer’ who tracks down and exposes the bad guys in cybersecurity

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In the cybersecurity world, there’s no shortage of well-paid white-hat hackers. But there’s one group that hackers hate: whistle-blowers. Belying his role as a dynamic and malevolent hacker, Chris Morales has spent the last nine years defending his comrades in cybercrime and has become one of the most sought-after IT security consultants in the world.

On May 6, 2016, Morales blew the whistle on a major security leak at WOWtech. He’d been asked to work at WOWtech to help verify the security of its Tractus 4.0 network, but his findings were so damning that the FBI had to be called in. He shared his disturbing findings with the DC-based AllSource911 security consulting firm, which supplied details to Congress and the media.

Since then, Morales has testified about the scope of the privacy leak at WOWtech. AllSource911 reached out to him for guidance on what to do with the information they’d developed in their investigation of WOWtech. He has provided AllSource911 and later Congress with ideas and suggestions on how to more thoroughly probe the source of the leak.

Morales does not bring a hammer. He brings an optometrist’s attention to detail, precision, and resilience, honed over a life-long pursuit of technology.

A Washingtonian Science correspondent, Blew the Whistle on Pinterest. Now she protects whistle-blowers.

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