Mercedes SL 63 AMG review: Standard SL vs. classic SL

Subaru Brembo brakes, 390hp Torq2 six-cylinder powertrain and a dramatic front end seem to sum up the newest member of the SL family. But this is more than just another pricey high-performance machine.

You can have a thoroughly dignified and majestic SL with a giant, five-door classic styling that welcomes you to your 564bhp sports car. That’s what makes the 2019 Mercedes SL 62 AMG a perfect BMW M5 substitute.

The 621bhp SL 63 AMG is better looking than the M5, and not just because of that electrifying two-door bonnet. The traditional headlights make way for muscular optional LED headlamps, and both add to the sporty and impressive visual feel of the car. It looks like an impulse Mercedes.

And in terms of performance, we have to talk about the bodylines. This is a technical SL sport, not just an SL touring coupe. This car is a solid, stock SL, minus the performance element, ensuring that every model can handle around 900km on a single tank. But then, it’s also one of the most intimidating SLs in the family, without the fun factor. So you might enjoy your car, but it won’t be as exciting for everyone.

Equally, you wouldn’t see the 60 AMG roadster look like a M3 roadster, a Ferrari 488 GTB or a supercar like the Porsche 911. The most fun aspects of the model will be confined to only racing, track racing or the Stuttgart showrooms.

The rear end design, which really shows the “aircraft-wing” flared wheel arches, also serves as an example of how the Mercedes plan to communicate its power and agility. And the name: Stress. Where. The. Mercedes.

Read on to see exactly what you get for the R$187,950, starting price. The 2019 Mercedes SL 63 AMG starts at R$168,700. However, if you want a Black Series model, you have to pay R$208,560. The top of the line Black Series model has a reported range of 3,500km.

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