Swedish police: Man tried to start fight by hurling racist insults

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A video posted online last week is believed to have shown the accused hurling racist insults at the opposition during a qualifying race.

The video of the incident at an international Karting World Cup in Sweden shows a group of middle-aged men shouting at a set of angry spectators.

In the background the sound of sirens can be heard.

According to Sweden’s Expressen newspaper, a 27-year-old local motorcyclist has been charged with assault and racial incitement.

Philippa Johansson, the secretary general of the Swedish Motorcyclists’ Union, told CNN’s sister network HLN that the suspected had been taken to a police station.

‘My name is Noddy’

The man is alleged to have shouted “My name is Noddy” at opposition fans as they rode by, Expressen reported.

Social media have been buzzing about the incident, which was filmed by another motorcyclist.

The video has been shared more than 23,000 times on Facebook.

Expressen has also reported that the accused was involved in a race incident a few months ago, during which he reportedly threw a kicking ball that hit the face of an opposition rider.

Sweden’s Karting Union told HLN that the individuals involved in the recent incident have had their driver’s licenses suspended.

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