The fight against the government in Sudan

The United States has taken an active role in fighting a war in Sudan, sending weapons and military advisers to the country to help. The Washington Post’s Justin Gillis describes the forces fighting against the government:

The African Union is leading a joint military effort, with Sudanese troops serving as part of the multinational task force. It also receives roughly $60 million from the United States, the State Department announced in March.

The Sudanese military seems to be struggling. Using a U.S.-provided drone, the Obama administration intercepted a Sudanese military airstrip loaded with munitions as it headed south to attack the rebel forces that have been battling the government in Khartoum for more than two decades.

In February, the United States provided a new $60 million grant to the African Union to train the new rebel force and deploy the U.S. troops to the border.

Since Jan. 1, the United States has provided arms, ammunition and light anti-tank weapons to “regime elements,” allowing them to provide basic fighting equipment to the rebels.

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