Travelers worry about ‘safety’ of Trump presidency

Written by By Dave Jordan, CNN

Figures suggest the drop in tourism after Donald Trump became U.S. President might be bottoming out, at least in some regions.

The Deloitte report, released in March this year, asked tourism CEOs in 10 countries about their perceptions of the impact Trump’s policies would have on the industry in 2020.

In Indonesia, the report’s focus, it showed that while a majority of tourists did not hold a negative view about Trump, but most thought the U.S. would be less appealing than it had been in the past.

Air travel to Indonesia also dropped dramatically in the wake of Trump’s inauguration (26% against 32%) as people took to alternative flight routes.

For Greece, Dubai and Egypt, the U.S. had “lost much of its appeal,” but London lost the most ground. It lost 44% of tourists from countries outside of the U.S.

A stop in Cairo and Antalya remained important for both tourists and residents, however, with the numbers going down 21% and 23% respectively since Trump was sworn in.

“For travelers from the U.S., London is regarded as a place to visit when travelling across Europe,” says Helen Goransson, Deloitte’s Global Travel and Tourism Leader.

“This is, for the moment, in contrast to previous years when they viewed London as a U.S. hotspot.”

A growing concern

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