Trump, Tory Spar Over Travel Restrictions: Excited About Having Mayor For First Time At CPAC (Watch LIVE)

Tonight at 11pm EEST, Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto will moderate an exclusive interview with Mayor John Tory, who is on vacation this week but received a phone call from President Trump. London’s mayor has received threats in the wake of the terror attack in London over the weekend.

Mayor Tory spoke about the past week’s events in the interview above.

President Trump invited Mayor Tory to visit the White House and sat down with the Canadian mayor for a brief and candid discussion on the security forces and potential travel restrictions that should be imposed on Saudi Arabia.

I’m at CPAC in Washington D.C. at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and here’s what else is happening tonight.

Former Wisconsin Governor and senator Russ Feingold is offering a stark assessment of President Trump’s foreign policy: In an interview with Fox News:

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