UK government prepares for next phase of transition, says New Zealand group

This article is over 1 year old

The influential New Zealanders of the Future group has said it will be helping the new government with its transition.

The group, which advises Christchurch’s Lord Mayor Lianne Dalziel, has announced the next stage of the UK government’s transition is on the horizon.

Garry Youngkin, the group’s spokesman, said the next New Zealand version of the group would be announced in the coming months.

“In our discussions with MPs and MPs of the Future, the consensus has been that the next phase in the UK’s transition will probably take a year or 18 months, during which a series of meetings will take place between the new government and all the various groups, including the Lord Mayor’s group,” he said.

Youngkin will be co-chairing the group with Felix White, one of Labour’s largest donors.

Youngkin said the group was eager to get into action with the new government and wants the start of the new session of parliament in autumn.

“New Zealand representatives already travel to Britain on a regular basis and we see no reason why this should not continue,” he said.

Youngkin said some of the group’s best and most active days were taken up by lobbying parliament on a range of issues, which included things like tax, climate change, child poverty and free childcare.

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