US Open 2017: Novak Djokovic asked if he was booed at the French Open

Tennis has had to deal with an influx of one-set thriller matches this year – either a Grand Slam or other ATP Tour final – and there have been a number of memorable moments, not least the Andy Murray/Roger Federer five-set epic at the French Open.

But now it seems a match at the US Open in 2008 can be added to the list – after a change of subject from the previous night’s drama in Miami to this one.

Earlier on Sunday night, Novak Djokovic was back practising at the Miami Open – which finishes on Monday – when someone asked him: “You have heard a lot of boos at your matches these days?”

Djokovic responded with a look of surprise… but it seems he may have been more wrong than right.

“Yes, I did hear boos towards the end of the match against Mischa Zverev… when I was talking to somebody who was watching the match,” he explained to reporters at his press conference.

“But I mean, I actually don’t understand the boos. I don’t get them. I mean, maybe he [the opponent] deserves some boos, but to have boos, it’s a different story, just make another noise like this or whatever.

“I’m surprised as well, and I don’t understand it.

“Listen, I know the fans are passionate in tennis. I’m sure that any kind of player and any kind of match, there will be boos or cheers, or whoever is losing or winning, it’s going to be the same.

“But to have, you know, boos against anyone, I mean, I’m pretty surprised.”

Naturally, US Open organisers are not too concerned.

“It’s a little off-hand comment which indicates that the conversation was to do with practice last night,” tournament director David Brewer told BBC Sport.

“I’m aware that the media is playing a little fast and loose sometimes and we don’t want to start our own news cycle. But I’m pretty sure it was an innocent comment.

“I would just note that is probably the norm at U.S. Open media days when there is a buzz. We know they’re there, we know their role. And they’re there to promote the sport. But that’s not a news headline.”

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