What’s the US’s favourite Thanksgiving side dish?

Those in the south are still making mashed potatoes and those in the midwest are still cooking up giblet gravy, but the West Coast has really turned its attention to hot cornbread instead.

The American Egg Board reports that if you ask people in any state what is the state’s favourite Thanksgiving side dish, they’ll almost always pick either mashed potatoes, green bean casserole or pumpkin pie. But if you ask them what’s their favourite side dish of any kind, don’t expect to find a broccoli casserole or apple pie. Hot cornbread will be the thing, even if most don’t have any memory of what it is, what it tastes like or even where it comes from.

The Egg Board reports that Texas, the home of fried catfish and “biscuits with syrup”, leads the country in “hot cornbread”. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, thinks bacon is the ideal Thanksgiving side dish. Meanwhile, Michigan celebrates Smoky Turkey after a two-day hunt of the white meat in order to achieve “a legitimate turkey”, while Oregon enjoys in “guacamole to drink”. Meanwhile, Wyoming gets hooked on the deep-fried green bean casserole and Vermont loves its leftovers.

This poll is one of only a few polls asking people what is their favourite Thanksgiving side dish, but it’s always interesting. What’s yours? Have you ever tasted it or are you happily making gravy instead? Let us know in the comments section or share with us in the wild.

Image: Flickr user frostguy

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