Why do actors celebrate Thanksgiving?

It’s Thanksgiving. In this rare (for Hollywood) relationship between the holidays and film, our favorite A-listers have found they have much in common. As Thanksgiving comes fast and how Thanksgiving comes fast, the stars celebrate it for many reasons. They may not be aware of it, but, they celebrate it all.

Here are some of the most memorable, and painful, Thanksgiving get togethers in film history:

“When Harry Met Sally”

Remember how Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal’s story began at a Thanksgiving gathering in New York? To emphasize the sheer awkwardness between the two, they were in bed together for 20 minutes, smothered in a bed sheet. Take that, Louis C.K.


Zuul! Your main character is hanging with a group of beautiful women and… wasn’t there some football game?

“Arsenio Hall”

Over the course of one evening, every guest has a cold or gets a stomach ache. Arsenio doesn’t care. He just needs to see a number of celebs in a row. (Trust us, it makes the calendar looks nuts.)

“Think Like a Man”

Goofy. Timid. Touchy. Words can’t describe the twee meaning of this movie.

“Best in Show”

Best in Show is the journey of Jeff, a lonely, fluffy dog from Norfolk, Va., to the finals of “Best in Show.” One part Animal House, one part Animal Hospital, one part Mrs. Doubtfire, one part Shakespeare. And, we bet it was really really expensive.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding”

What a hoot to see this ’90s darling finally win the Oscar after all these years. There was even a special appearance by a very special grandma, played by Rose Byrne. All in all, a very good holiday movie.


Each Thanksgiving episode of this teen horror staple ends in a fight. This is due to Veronica Sawyer, D.J. and J.D. slaughtering anyone they come across. Needless to say, teenagers rarely gather together on this special holiday.

“American Pie”

Best Thanksgiving party? In the 2003 movie, Paulie is a popular guy in high school, goes to a Thanksgiving party, meets his now-fiancée, busts a few eggs and nearly gets beaten up in the process. This film is also the first to ever highlight Halloween and Christmas, and not Thanksgiving.

“My Girl”

You know you’ve reached the top of the ranks as a girl when she crashes your party. With Kristy Swanson, George Lucas and Macy Gray all in attendance, this is probably the most awkward movie Thanksgiving episode on the list.

“Sweet Home Alabama”

Candice Bergen is a Southern sweetheart, but even she can’t handle the Southern stereotypes in this film.

“A Boy Named Sue”

Everyone loves the quirky Kevin Costner character (and his red, streaky hair) who has finally found a girl to love his very small wife. It’s Thanksgiving, and Mrs. Costner is on the back of her tractor, the family needs a turkey and Kevin is playing a game of lotto…for one life time only!

“The Golden Girls”

A widow and the only Jewish ladies living in Miami eat a lot of steak, of course. And they’re different. But it has to do with Thanksgiving.

“Ice Age”

If you’re hungry, don’t worry. These cavemen are reaching for turkey.

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