Why should you keep a mask on your face?

CNN’s The Seven Seven explores new evidence that shows the prevalence of face masks among Asian people, and that they provide the best protection against ailments caused by skin cancer and aging.

The seven-part series, from CNN International’s Science and Nature Editor David de Garis, explores how mask fashion and science do more than concealaging; they also protect us from some of the most adverse consequences of our rough and wrinkly faces.

In a five-part web series, de Garis demonstrates how several popular brands, including the French company Sisley and Japanese-based Shu Uemura, help the skin be more vibrant and flexible. The series includes the most recent studies in technology and science and the latest research on how masks combat hyperpigmentation and prevent skin aging.

It takes a few minutes to check out the series:

~ Watch: What scientists say about face masks

~ Watch: How mask technology ages a skin

~ Watch: How the famous Sisley mask helps skin regrow

~ Watch: What facial injections do to skin

~ Watch: Face masks affect taste

~ Watch: Does the Japanese brand Shu Uemura use an ingredient that’s absorbed and makes it harder to get rid of excess dead skin?

~ Watch: Should you wear a cosmetic mask on your face at night?

~ Watch: Is your face mask skin friendly?

*The series also includes appearances by Dr. Huda Kattan, fashion expert Stephie Ziegler, dermatologist Dr. Francesa Guidotti, and colorist Adi Kalita.


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